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Jenn Beninger is a specialist who works with clients to maximize their exposure and earning potential on Youtube.

Her speaking career and online courses,  are a result of wanting to help her clients get ready to work with her directly:

“I know that there are so many things that my clients can do on their own to dramatically increase their success on YouTube. Even if they are working with me directly, they QUICKLY get so much further ahead by learning the fundamentals! I developed the VMU courses so that my time with clients could be much more productive, and to give them a sense of already having some success before we start.”

— Jenn Beninger, YouTube Marketing Specialist


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I will teach you that there are many ways to earn money from YouTube — whether YouTube is supporting your business, or if YouTube is your business—  you need to know how to optimize your channel to attract that revenue.

— Jenn Beninger, YouTube Marketing Specialist

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